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The physical gallery in Napa will be closed due to the recent earthquake. Our online gallery is open 24/7.
Thank you for your support while we rebuild!
Just Music

Just Music

Theo van Oostrom

60" x 42" oil on linen

Her head lifts, her chest rises, her bearing straightens as she closes her eyes and the cascade of sound washes over her, coursing through the whole of her being, delighting the architecture of her mind, complementing the perfection of her body, elevating this suspended moment of her existence.

Quent Cordair Fine Art Guarantee

For the convenience of our many clients making purchases based on internet images or catalogue images, Quent Cordair Fine Art always offers a no-questions-asked return policy: if for any reason a piece does not meet a buyer's expectations upon receipt, the purchase may be returned for a full refund (details on invoice).